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Based in the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire our pigs are given the 5* treatment they deserve. Our rare-breed British beauties live it up in a vineyard - lucky pigs - where they get plenty of fresh air, wholesome grub and space to rootle about. They love their life. You’ll love our pork.


We keep a close eye on the quality of our pork by personally taking care of the pigs, and the delicious pork naturally takes care of itself. Our rare-breed British pigs are born and reared in an open and stress free environment where they can snout about in the grass and mud to their hearts delight. The welfare and happiness of our pigs is as important to us as the taste of our pork and we’re proud to look after them from piglet, to pig-pen, to plate.


We are committed to reviving the traditional rare breeds of British pig so you’ll find all of our pigs are pure breeds and registered with the British Pig Association.