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We don’t aim to compete with the big supermarkets but hope that we can reach out to a market of people interested in the locality, taste and welfare of the animal. All of this comes at a price, but we’re confident that ours is a reasonable one.


We’re small scale. Intentionally. Our pigs have names not numbers which means we can focus on our favourite bit of the business; getting to know our animals and ensuring they have the best quality of life from pig-pen to plate. We hope you can tell how much we care from the taste of our scrumptious pork.

Meat Feast - ½ A Rare Breed Pig

How many does it feed?: A big family! We use a whole shoulder or leg to feed around 15 hungry friends

What you get: Around 25kg of pork. We cut it to your requirements, so if you don’t want lots of whole, big joints we can cut it up into lots of smaller ones. We suggest you opt for one large joint (if you’re feeding a lot) and lots of smaller cuts.

Our basic cut includes:

  • A whole shoulder (if kept whole this can weigh around 5kg)
  • A whole leg (we can bone this if you prefer, but a whole leg can weigh up to 8kg or feed 12
  • A belly (scored for roasting or plain for those bacon-lovers)
  • A whole loin (divided into 8 meaty chops or divided into 2/3 smaller roasting joints)

Price: It depends on the size of the pig; but prices tend to start at round £140.

Meat Feast - ¼ of a Rare Breed Pig

How many does it feed?: Perfect for a family of four

What you get:

  • Our basic cut includes:
  • A shoulder joint (weighing around 2-3kg)
  • A leg joint (weighing around 4kg, feeds around 4-6 people)
  • A belly joint A loin roasting joint and;
  • The all-important chops! (around 4 meaty chops)

Price: It depends on the size of the piggy, but prices start at £80

Something for Sunday

How many does it feed?: Whole, it feeds around 10, or cut in half it will feed around…2. Only joking! It’ll feed around 5

What you get: We’ll bone and roll it for you so that you can make it into the perfect roast dinner with plenty of crackling. Or, try chopping and mincing it yourself to make your own homemade pate, terrine or sausages.

Belly of Pork

How many does it feed?: 8-10, or we can cut it half to feed 4

What you get: For those crackling lovers amongst you, slow roast the joint for hours to make soft and juicy deliciousness. Try serving it on top of a braised pig cheek (see below if you fancy getting cheeky!) or, try making your own home-cured bacon.

Leg of Pork

How many does it feed?:About the same as the whole shoulder joint above, but it can be boned and cut if you want something smaller- just ask!

What you get: This is a great roasting joint for big occasions. A whole Merry Pig leg will feed between 10 and 15 hungry hippos, with plenty of crackling left for the chef. A boned and rolled leg joint is also perfect for cutting into individual steaks for the BBQ.

Loin of Pork

How many does it feed?:A whole loin will contain approximately 8 traditional meaty pork chops and the remainder makes an excellent little roaster when left on the bone.

What you get: Order individual chops and/or steaks, or a couple of loin roasting joints.

Unusual cuts

The Merry Pig Extra’s:


We know how hard it can be trying to source the more extravagant and extraordinary cuts so please talk to us if you’re finding it hard to source any part of the pig.


We can supply:

  • Pig cheek
  • Trotters
  • Tail
  • Liver
  • Kidney


Try making Chinese style pig trotters, braised pig cheeks, stuffed tail or a simple liver pate. Go on and have a go cooking with the parts of the pig we take for granted in this country.